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Public Safety Briefs

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

Two students reported to Public Safety on April 6 that they witnessed a student rip down the Gay and Greek sign from the Student Center. Public Safety responded and they were able to apprehend the student; she was given a summons for her actions.


A student reported to Public Safety that when he returned to his car parked in Netherlands North he saw that two Garmin GPS systems and a Bose sound system was missing from his vehicle, police assistance was declined and an investigation is being conducted.


On April 7, a professor reported to Public Safety that at sometime between 12 and 12:30 p.m. her purse, left unattended in her office in Roosevelt Hall, containing money, debit cards, her license, her house and car keys were missing. A report of the theft was given to the Hempstead Police Department and an investigation is being conducted.


A student reported to Public Safety that while parked in front of Nassau Suffolk Residence Hall, her ex-roommate approached her vehicle and threatened her with physical harm over past differences. Public Safety responded and the student received a summons for harassment.


A student reported on April 8, that while she was at Campus Pizza on Hempstead Turnpike April 3, she was confronted by a female student in the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma and five other members of the sorority. The sorority members got into an altercation with the other student and pulled her hair. A week later she was confronted by the same girl in Hofstra USA, who threatened to pull her hair out.


While conducting rounds in Nassau Hall, an RA reported to Public Safety that she smelt the odor of marijuana coming from a room. Public Safety responded and keyed into the room and found the resident inside with a strong odor of marijuana, no marijuana was recovered but the student was given a summons.


The RSR assigned to Colonial Square West reported on April 11 that she received sexually harassing phone calls from an unidentified male. An investigation is being conducted.


While on patrol on April 11, a PSO observed three cement trash bins and a bench overturned on the main campus. A search of the area was conducted for the person or persons responsible, but no results were returned.

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