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Public Safety Briefs 9-8-11

By Jess Lewis, News Editor

A student previously banned from residence halls was found in the Netherlands Quad on Sept. 1. He was reported to Public Safety, escorted out, and given a summons.

A male student residing off campus was walking home with a female non-student on Braxton Avenue and California Avenue when he was approached by three unidentified males. The males had a knife and took the students' wallets and cellphones. The incident was reported to the NCPD and an investigation is being conducted.

A female student returning to campus through the main gate reported to Public Safety that she was being followed by a male. The male was identified as a non-student, taken to the HIC and banned from campus for following and harassing the student.


Students living off-campus reported to Public Safety that on Sept. 3, a Nissan stopped outside their house and three males got out and accosted the students. An investigation is being conducted by the NCPD.

On Sept. 4, an unidentified male was seen trying to sell substances in the East Circle and was reported to Public Safety by an anonymous caller. When approached by Public Safety, the male had no substances on him but did have a knife. The male was banned from campus.

A female student reported to Public Safety that on Sept. 3, when she returned to her room in Vander Poel Hall, she found two males asleep on her bed. When she asked them what they were doing they got up and left her room without incident. Nothing was reported to be missing and the locks were changed.

Public Safety received a report of a drunken and disorderly student who was found urinating and smoking cigarettes in the laundry room of Delft House. The student was taken to NUMC and was given a summons for underage drinking, verbal abuse and failure to comply.

On Sept. 5, Public Safety received a report from an RA in New York House that there was a strong odor of marijuana. Public Safety entered the room but no paraphernalia or marijuana was found.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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