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Public Safety Briefs 9-15-11

By Joe Pantorno, Sports Editor

A vehicle with three males was reported to be driving around north campus verbally abusing and harassing female students on Sept. 9. Public Safety responded, took the males to the Hofstra Information Center, identified the males as non-students and banned them from campus.

On Sept. 10, an Resident Safety Representative in Nassau Suffolk Residence Hall saw a disagreement between two students. After the disagreement, one student kicked the lower glass window pane of the entrance. The student was given an appearance summons by Public Safety.

A PSO in the Netherlands observed a male looking into windows on Sept. 10. The male was taken to the Hofstra Information Center, identified as a non-student, and banned from campus.

On Sept. 14, two Public Safety Officers on patrol on the north campus observed a group of individuals smoking marijuana on the intramural fields. When Public Safety went to apprehend the group they scattered but Public Safety was able to apprehend three of the students, where they found a glass pipe with marijuana residue. The students were brought to the Hofstra Information Center and given a summons.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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