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Public Safety Briefs 5/4/11

By Shannon Pandaliano

A Lackmann staff member reported to Public Safety on April 27 that two weeks prior, a student attempted to use the ID card of another student to purchase food in the cafeteria. Both students were issued appearance summonses for violations of the Hofstra ID Policy.

At 11:50 p.m. on April 27, an RA reported to Public Safety that she observed three students sitting in a vehicle in the Netherlands North parking lot smoking marijuana. Public Safety responded to the location and issued the students Notification to Appear summonses for controlled substance. A glass pipe was confiscated and brought to the HIC.

A Hofstra student reported that on April 28 she left her Blackberry phone unattended on a table in Bits and Bytes for approximately 20 minutes. When she realized she had left it there, she returned and discovered that it was missing. A search was conducted which proved negative and police assistance was declined.

Public Safety received a report on April 28 that there was an individual on campus distributing fliers promoting online gambling. Public Safety responded to the location, and a search was conducted for the individual that proved negative. The fliers were confiscated and destroyed.

When returning to her vehicle in the CV Starr parking lot after class on April 28, a Hofstra student discovered that the front bumper and hood of the passenger's side of her car were damaged. Police assistance was declined.

At some time between 9 and 10:15 pm on April 28, a Hofstra student stated that he placed his iPad and other personal property in an unsecured locker in the Fitness Center while working out. When he returned to the locker, he discovered the iPad was missing. A search was conducted for the person(s) responsible that proved negative. A report was filed with the Nassau County Police Department and a search will be conducted into this matter.

An RA reported that while on duty, he smelled the odor of tobacco coming from a room. Public Safety responded and keyed into the room, which was unoccupied, and discovered that there was the odor of tobacco, a pipe, rolling papers, and three cans of Four Loko. These items were confiscated and the resident was later issued an appearance summons when he returned to the room.

While on patrol in the Netherlands South parking lot on April 30, a public safety officer observed a Hofstra student carrying a plastic bag filled with alcoholic beverages. The alcohol was confiscated and the student was issued a notification to appear summons for controlled substances.

In the swim center on May 1, a Hofstra student stated that while he went swimming he placed his backpack containing his wallet which had his Hofstra ID, $40 and two debit cards in an unsecured locker. When he returned, he discovered that his wallet was missing. Police assistance was declined.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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