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Public Safety Briefs 3/17/2011

By Shannon Pandaliano, Features Copy Editor

On March 9, an RA in Suffolk Hall reported to Public Safety that the odor of marijuana was emanating from a room. Public Safety responded, entered the room and found it occupied by five students. There was no marijuana found, but the five students were issued appearance summonses.

Residential Life conducted a Health and Safety inspection in Quincy house on March 10 and found two plastic pipes used for smoking marijuana. The rooms were empty, but the residents were issued appearance summonses upon their return.

On March 10 in the Fitness Center, a female student stated she left her iPhone and Hofstra ID in an unlocked locker while working out. When she returned 30 minutes later, she discovered that the iPhone and ID card were stolen. A search was conducted but the items were not found. Police assistance was declined.

Public Safety responded to the basement of Monroe Hall on March 10, to the report of a dispute between a male and female. When the officers arrived, they found a female student having an argument with a male nonstudent. When questioned, the student stated that while they were having a discussion, the male became angry and started verbally abusing her. The male was banned from campus and there was no action taken against the student.

On March 10, a male student left his iPhone along with $200 in a locker in the Fitness center for an hour while he was working out. When he returned, he discovered that the phone and $200 were missing. A search was conducted but the money and phone were not found.

On March 11, a student reported that when he returned to his vehicle parked in the Netherlands South parking lot, he discovered that his vehicle door was unlocked and his GPS was missing. Police assistance was declined.

On March 12 at 1 a.m., a nonstudent was apprehended for acting disorderly by refusing to leave the area in front of Hofstra USA.  He was escorted into Public Safety and was banned from campus.

Two nonstudents who were asked to leave the campus after they were refused entry into a party at Hofstra USA on March 12 fled onto the campus toward the graduate residence hall. Public Safety responded, apprehended the two nonstudents and escorted them to the HIC and they were banned from campus.

On March 12, Public Safety responded to a woman in Constitution Hall on the report of a noise complaint. Upon arrival, the officers found several students in a room along with multiple bottles of alcoholic beverages. The alcohol was confiscated, the guests were asked to leave the room and the resident was issued an appearance summons for alcohol violation.

A PSO observed a Nassau Country Police Officer arrest a resident student in front of the Netherlands for driving under the influence on March 12 at 2 a.m.

On March 12, a male student who resides in Estabrook Hall stated that three male students known to him entered his room, started an altercation and assaulted him. He was able to get away and the other students left his room. The student reported that he suffered injuries to his right wrist, right side of the face, right shoulder and head. He was treated at the scene for his injuries but declined any medical assistance. He declined police assistance and counseling services as well. The three students that assaulted him were issued appearance summonses.

Public Safety observed a vehicle driving the wrong way on Colonial Square Drive on March 13. The vehicle was stopped and they identified three students. There was a heavy odor of marijuana inside the vehicle but none was recovered. The students were issued appearance summonses.

On March 13, a student reported to Public Safety that when he returned to his BMW in the Estabrook parking lot, he observed two males running from his vehicle, jumping into another vehicle and fleeing the scene. When he got to his vehicle, he observed that chocolate syrup had been poured in the interior. Public Safety conducted a search of the campus for the vehicle, which was unsuccessful. Police assistance was declined.

A swim center staff member reported that after exiting the Physical Education Building, she returned to her vehicle and discovered her wallet and cell phone were stolen on March 13. A Nassau County Police Officer responded and prepared a complaint report.

On March 14, a Public Safety officer reported that all the Rent-a-Spot signs in the parking lot on the south side of Gittleson Hall had been ripped off their posts. A search was conducted for the person responsible, but the person wasn't found. An investigation is being conducted.

A student was issued an appearance summons for using an altered handicapped parking permit to park in the Weller Hall parking lot on March 15, which is for permitted administrators only. The permit was confiscated.

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