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Public Safety Briefs 12-1-11

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

A vehicle that was refused entry onto the North Campus due to lack of identification refused to turn around and instead entered the campus on Nov. 23. Public Safety pursued the vehicle, stopped the car and the driver was taken to the HIC, identified as a non-student and banned from campus.

While conducting a Health and Safety Inspection, a member of the Residential Life staff discovered rolling papers and marijuana residue on the window in a room in Constitution Hall on Nov. 23. The resident of the room will be given a summons.

At the end of a high school football game at Shuart Stadium, a non-student jumped over the railing and attempted to access the field on Nov. 25. The individual was stopped by Public Safety, taken to the HIC and banned from campus.

A student in Enterprise Hall reported that she left her room door propped open for approximately five minutes and when she returned her Macbook laptop was missing on Nov. 28. A search was conducted and a report was filed with NCPD.

An RA in New York House reported to Public Safety that she smelled the odor of marijuana coming from a room on Nov. 28. Public Safety responded, entered the room and found the resident inside along with the smell of marijuana and three pipes. The pipes were confiscated and the resident was given a summons.

A student reported to Public Safety that she left her iPhone in the training room in the Mack Arena and when she returned found out it was missing on Nov. 29. A search was conducted and a report was filed with NCPD.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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