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Public Safety Briefs 11-3-11

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

The Resident Director of Liberty Hall reported to Public Safety that while doing a building check on Oct. 28, he noticed the odor of marijuana coming from a room. Public Safety responded, entered the room and found six students. No marijuana was recovered, but all of the students were given a summons.

Two students walking through the Liberty Hall parking lot on Oct. 28 reported that another student began yelling at them and knocked a pizza box out of one of their hands. Public Safety responded and gave the student a summons for harassment and disorderly conduct.

The PSO assigned to the Oak St. security booth said a male, who was later identified as a student, skateboarded through the entrance gate without stopping to be identified on Oct. 29. The student was given a summons.

On the report of a noise complaint, Public Safety responded to a room in Nassau Hall on Oct. 29. When they arrived they found five students in the room and several alcohol bottles. The students were all given a summons.

A student smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer in the elevator of the Graduate Hall was given a summons on Oct. 30. The beer was confiscated and the cigarette was put out.

On Nov. 1, Public Safety responded to the report of a dispute in the Breslin Hall parking lot. The PSO found students making threats to each other over a parking spot. The situation was calmed and both students received a summons.

While conducting a Health and Safety Inspection in Breukelen House on Nov. 1, the Resident Director smelled the odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. When she entered the room, the students verbally abused her and refused to wait for Public Safety to arrive. A PSO responded and discovered that there was no marijuana but an odor was still present. The residents were each given a summons.


(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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