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Public Safety Briefs 11-10-11

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

While conducting a Health and Safety Inspection in Vander Poel Hall on Nov. 2, a small quantity of marijuana and a pack of bamboo papers in plain sight were confiscated from a room. The items were taken and the resident was given a summons.

Public Safety responded to a dispute between two students in a room in Delft House on Nov. 6. After they arrived and spoke to the student who stayed it was concluded that the students got into an argument and one of the students was threatened by the other with a dangerous weapon. A knife was recovered and the student in possession of it was given a summons and taken to the HIC where he met with a crisis counselor.

A Lackmann food service member reported to Public Safety that at some time between 4 p.m. and 6:25 p.m. on Nov. 7 the rear window of her vehicle, parked at Hofstra USA, was smashed with a large piece of concrete which was found inside her vehicle. NCPD was notified, an officer responded, filled out a report and an investigation will be conducted.

A female student reported to Public Safety on Nov. 3 that a male student has been verbally harassing her via cell phone and that he had physically threatened her. The male student was given a summons.

On Nov. 3, a student reported to Public Safety that there was a male student whom she knew in her room. When she asked the other student to leave he refused. Public Safety responded to the room in Providence House and discovered the male student left the room. A search was conducted; the student was located and given a summons.

While conducting rounds in Bill of Rights on Nov. 4, an RA smelled the odor of marijuana coming from a room. Public Safety responded, enterted the room and found the resident and another student inside the room with a glass pipe in open view. Both students were given a summons.

On Nov. 5, a PSO responded to a lockout in Constitution Hall. After he opened the door to let the student in, he saw two bottles of alcohol in the room. The underage student was given a summons and the alcohol was confiscated.

Public Safety responded to Hofstra USA on the report of a fight involving several people on Nov. 5. When Public Safety arrived, the situation was calmed. Six of the seven individuals involved were students. The one non-student was banned form campus and the six students were each given a summons.

An RA observed three students smoking marijuana in front of Hempstead House on Nov. 5 and called Public Safety. Public Safety responded and found two of the students who admitted they were smoking. The third student was identified and all of them were given a summons.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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