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Public Safety Briefs 10-27-11

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

A PSO responded to a noise complaint in Hague House and, when he responded, there was an odor of marijuana coming from the room. When he entered the room, he found several students, a towel stuffed under the door and a strong odor of marijuana inside the room. All of the students were given a summons.

A female student reported to Public Safety that her ex-boyfriend continues to harass her via cell phone messages on Oct. 20. She asked that he be banned from campus.

A GPS was reported stolen from a vehicle parked in Margiotta Hall after the driver of the car noticed her window was broken on Oct. 20.

Public Safety responded to Hempstead Turnpike on Oct. 21 after a female, identified as a Hofstra student, was struck by a vehicle. Public Safety administered first aid to the student while waiting for ambulances. The student was taken to NUMC, the driver was identified and NCPD were on the scene.

A Hofstra custodian reported that while cleaning the Student Center Unispan on Oct. 21, he found a hole in the glass – assumed to be from a rock.

A PSO responded to a room in Tilburg House after he received a call from an RA that there was a smell of marijuana coming from a room. The room was occupied by residents and non-students consuming alcohol and a present odor of marijuana. The two non-students were taken to the HIC and banned from campus and the residents received summonses.

Public Safety responded to a room in Hampton House on the report of the odor of marijuana was reported by the RA on Oct. 22. Public safety responded, knocking several times until they keyed into the room. They found two Hofstra students in the room with a blanket stuffed under the door and alcohol. The students were both given a summons.

Visitors to Hofstra reported that they parked their vehicle near the baseball fields on Oct. 23. When they returned to the car, they saw that their window was broken and a coach bag with credit cards, checks and cash were missing.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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