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Public Safety Briefs 10-20-11

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

While crossing the Student Center Unispan, a PSO observed a green laser light was pointed at him from a white Toyota that was passing on the Hempstead Turnpike on Oct. 13. The car turned onto north campus and the PSO radioed for assistance. Public Safety responded, stopped the vehicles, identified the driver as a Hofstra student and he was given a summons.

While conducting Health and Safety Inspections in a room in Hempstead House on Oct. 13, two plastic bottles used for smoking marijuana and a marijuana cigarette were found and taken from the room and the resident was given a summons.

A pocketknife was found and confiscated from Hague House during Health and Safety Inspections on Oct. 13. The resident of the room was given a summons for violation of University regulations.

Three males were seen entering campus through the Oak Street entrance on Oct. 15. One of the males had a marijuana cigarette and another one was seen kicking and breaking a sprinkler head. A PSO told the individuals to stop and when they didn't the officer radioed for assistance. More Public Safety responded and apprehended the three males – identified as two students and a non-student. The backpack of one of the students contained a quantity of marijuana, a scale, a marijuana grinder, plastic bags and a bottle of alcohol. NCPD was called and when they responded an investigation was conducted. One of the students and the non-student was apprehended by the NCPD and the other student was giving a summons.

It was reported to an RA in Republic Hall that there was a sword inside of a room. Public Safety responded and confiscated a sword and sword case on Oct. 17. The student was issued a summons for possession of a weapon.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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