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Overheard @ Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

In Bits N' Bytes:

Guy 1: How would you pronounce a name spelt like "La-a"?

Guy 2: Um, "lah-ah"?

Guy 1: Nope, La-dash-a

Guy 2: I am going to become senator so I can make that illegal.

In the Student Center:

Girl: The Chronicle was pretty good this week. They didn't have any typos in the headlines.

In Hammer Lab:

Girl: If you were a vegetarian, would you eat animal crackers?

In Cafe on the Quad:

Girl 1: I don't really know much about poor people, but I can tell you this: they don't have cute clothes.

Girl 2: Ugh, I know.

Girl 3: You idiot, it's not their fault they don't have cute clothes. They don't have money!

Girl 1: I just thought about not having money, and I really don't know how I feel about it.


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