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Overheard @ Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

In Class:

Professor: See? The writer uses credible sources from professionals in good accredited colleges, like NYU and Columbia.

Student: But not Hofstra. That would be a horrible source.

Professor: ...Thanks for invalidating my career


In the Student Center:

Girl: Maybe we should just be abstinent.

Girl: Maybe you should shut the hell up.


   On the Unispan:

Guy: Is it weird that every time I hear "sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me," I think of you?

Girl: It would be weird if you didn't.


In Calkins Hall:

Guy: You can't quote YOURSELF in the Overheards!


In Class:

Girl1: So, how's your baby?

Girl 2: Fantastic. I'm one feeding away from being a size C.

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