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Overheard @ Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

In Hammer Lab:

Girl: I need to CTRL-Z my way back back to life.

In Dempster Hall:

Guy: I like my sex like I like my pillars. Sharp and slippery.

In Constitution Hall:

Girl 1: Chronicle rules! I was in there last week.

Girl 2: You were in the public safety briefs?

In Nassau:

Girl: That girl has ashes on her head.

Guy: What does that mean?

Girl: I don't know, I'm a Jew!

In the Student Center:

Girl 1: Sometimes I wish I was blind.

Girl 2: I know. People in this school are so ugly.

On Twitter:

Guy: This turkey burger from Hofstra USA tastes like a mix between McDonald's and dolphin meat

Guy: Hofstra U. is having events for Women's History Month. Their bookstore has Playboy photography books for sale. You've come a long way, baby.

Girl: So I'm rewatchin da game & jus noticed there was dis girl at da hofstra  student section wit sum damn sunglasses on...BITCH u are indoors!


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