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Overheard @ Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

In a photo class:

Professor: Her hair looks so over exposed, it looks like she's been spending time in a Japanese nuclear reactor.

On the Unispan:

Girl: Can you burp underwater?

In Student Center:

Girl: I have a hole in my ass...Well in my pants, that is.

Outside Calkins Hall:

Girl: Why do my fingers smell like your penis?

In Student Center:

Girl: I should really become addicted to adderol so that I could start losing weight.

Outside Breslin Hall:

Professor: You can't just send out one e-mail. You hae to bang them twice or they won't remember.

In class:

Guy: Why does he sound like death?

Girl: He has cancer.

   In class:

Professor: Where us Waterloo?

Girl: New York

Professor: I know there is a Waterloo in Canada, but do you think England, France and Prussia decided New York was a good place to defeat Napolean?

Girl: Seriously, there is a Waterloo, NY.


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