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Overheard @ Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

In class:

Group: Do you think we can name all of the states? New York, Rhode Island, Long Island...

On a campus tour:

Grandma: ...And that's why you are such a mama's boy!

Kid: Mommmmmm!

In C.V. Starr Hall:

Girl: I even forget my own name sometimes!

In the Student Center:

Guy: I don't wanna tell my teacher I'm cutting myself because I'll get a bad grade.

Outside Adams Playhouse:

Girl: Wait! I'm really confused! What's Capitalism?!

In Cafe on the Quad:

Girl 1: This is what I'm texting him. (Shows Girl 2 her phone)

Girl 2: Take away the exclamation point.

Girl 1: Really?

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