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Overheard @ Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

In the Student Center:

Girl: Did you see how big that girl's boobs were? They were like popping out of her shirt.

Guy: Oh yeah.

Girl: Why'd you look at them?!


 Outside Dempster Hall:

Guy: Going on a lunch date with Rabinowitz is seriously on my bucket list.

After Class:

Girl: Your mustache is so weird. It makes you look like my cousin.

Guy: Then why did you make out with me an hour ago?


On the Unispan:

Girl 1: Wow, she lost a lot of weight.

Girl 2: Eh, I don't like when people start randomly losing weight. It creeps me out.


In the Library:

Guy 1: She's such a dramatic and condescending b--h sometimes, it's so frustrating.

Guy 2: Leave the chick, dude.

Guy 1: Nah, the sex is too good.


In Class:

Professor: What do you think is hindering Donald Trump's chance of running for President?

Student: His hair.

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