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Nexus Yearbook presents Olive Plunkett awards

By Megan Walsh, Staff Writer

The first ever Olive Plunkett Awards Ceremony occurred Wednesday night at The Hofstra University Club and was hosted by Hofstra's Nexus Yearbook in conjunction with the Student Government Association (SGA).


Kenny Cordero, creator of the Olive Plunkett Awards, as well as the Greek section editor for Nexus, explained that Olive Plunkett inspired these 25 awards. She was the first Nexus Editor-in-Chief and proved to be an outstanding member of the Hofstra community.


"The awards were started to create a peer community," said Cordero. "It's about students recognizing their peers and other factors that help them to be successful."  He then went on to explain that anyone could place a nomination through a Google Doc link revealed in flyers throughout the school.


According to Carrie Lones, Vice Chair of the Olive Plunkett Awards and Nexus Copy Editor, "On a promotional level, it gets Nexus' name out. On a different level, I hope I can speak for Nexus and SGA by saying we also think there are a lot of amazing people on this campus who are overlooked when they should be recognized for their deeds around this campus. We have what, more than 10,000 students and who knows how many faculty members on this campus, and a lot aren't even known to the general public."


"The award was created this year because it's the 75th Anniversary of Hofstra and the yearbook. We wanted to do something to celebrate the work we have done as a staff over the past few years but also the work all the yearbook staffs have done in the last 75 years. It seemed only appropriate to celebrate our founder, and as far as I know the only four year Editor-in-Chief, Olive Plunkett," said Svenja van den Woldenberg, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Nexus Yearbook.

The recipients and the awards distributed in this year's ceremony were:

Outstanding New Organization:    Hofstra Afrikan Student Organization

Outstanding Academic Organization:    Health and Wellness Club

Outstanding Media Organization:    Hofstra Filmmakers Club

Outstanding Multicultural Organization:    Hofstra Organization of Latin Americans

Outstanding Performance Organization:    Imani Dance Ensemble

Outstanding Pre-Professional Organization:    Public Relations Student Society America

Outstanding Religious Organization:    Newman Club

Outstanding Social Organization:    Entertainment Unlimited

Outstanding Social/Political Organization:    Students for a Greener Hofstra

Outstanding Sports Organization:    Women's Club Lacrosse

Outstanding Fraternity:    Phi Iota Alpha, Fraternity Inc.

Outstanding Sorority:    Phi Epsilon Sorority

Outstanding Administrative Assistant:    Anna Arena

Outstanding Alumnus:    Anita Ellis

Outstanding Club Advisor:    Rosie Scavuzzo

Outstanding Professor:    Mary-Ann Allison

Outstanding Athlete:    Matt Farra

Outstanding Freshman Leaders:    Mariel Carbone & Dennis Vasquez Montes

Outstanding Sophomore Leaders:    Haley Tynes & Agnes Mathenge

Outstanding Junior Leaders:    Omar Peele & Amy-Lee Levey

Outstanding Senior Leaders:    Andreina Nunez & Yaneke Douglas.

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