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Multi-person relationships will end in one outcome

By Chelsea Tirrell, Columnist

Like many other things, MTV glorified polyamorous relationships with their show, "True Life: I'm Polyamorous." Polygamy, which is the practice of being involved in a multi-person relationship, was spotlighted by two young people who shared their experiences.

The show is supposed to draw your attention to the different struggles people face within a certain circumstance. But all this episode did was draw my attention to how bizarre polygamy really is.

I completely condone dating in any which way you'd like but I find it hard to say that a polyamorous relationship would even be defined as an actual relationship. It seems like more of an agreement amongst a group of people who don't want to cheat or have to pick just one person so they settle by saying they're all in a relationship together.

I also don't see where the loyalty comes in. I get that they're loyal to one another but where is the line drawn? Can person A go out with person B while person B is sleeping with person C? And what happens if person A and person C want to start dating exclusively? Can they kick person B out of the relationship? There are clearly rules that need to be drawn up to answer these questions.

But rules means a contract – and I don't think any relationship is healthy if one needs to be created. Every relationship has its predetermined set of rules. They're the ones that are unexpressed and common sense. For example, every couple knows they can't cheat on each other, they must see and talk to one another, etc. These are already hard to follow for some people in a two-person relationship; polygamy brings even more into the equation which only complicates things.

They put stress on the relationship and make it more of a chore than an enjoyable experience, as shown by the "True Life" episode. Even if the rules are easily to follow for the participants, they can't escape the jealousy that is sure to follow. Couples are always battling it but polygamy has it on hand everyday which isn't good for anyone involved.

Then comes talk of the future. People get involved with one another hoping that it'll eventually turn into something bigger and better. But with polygamy, there's nowhere to go. We're finally just starting to legalize gay marriage so it'll be a while before polygamy gets its turn. As shown by MTV, they don't typically end well anyway.

However, any of this can be said about "average" couples as well. Some have more rules than the implied ones, some are open relationships, some have more jealousy than others, and some end catastrophically.

I understand that polygamy is another way for people to express themselves within their relationships. We're all free to date whoever and however we want so therefore, I say if you're into it, then go for it. I and many others may not understand but it's for you, and only you, to decide.

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