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Letter to the Editor:

By Ryan Ritter

Recently I submitted a suggestion to Hofstra Music Fest. I stated my opinion of making the Hofstra Music Fest a single-band event with a bigger name than the ones we are currently presenting. I also think the bands we have lined up now are poised towards the club's overall like in music, and not the interest of the larger Hofstra population. After this I was bashed by the club's members for simply stating my voice in what I wish was a more serious event.

Music festivals are a big deal to prospective students. They represent how much the school will spend to entertain their students, and also what kind of culture the school is interested in. So far at my time at Hofstra, I have seen this school's music festival club get bands that many have not heard of, and are mostly all of one genre.

Currently for this year's Music Fest, Hofstra has Minus the Bear performing as the headliner alongside Big Boi, a member of Outkast, who released a solo album recently. In comparison to other schools which get such big name artist's as LMFAO, Kid Cudi and more, I feel that our school is not on par with other competitor schools. Due to the fact that Music Fest is a student-run event that is not given nearly enough money to run, and that the bands chosen are decided by the group members and not the Hofstra student body, Music Fest does not live up to other schools' concerts.

My idea is simple: I think that if the school is serious about its admissions and prospective students, it should work hand-in-hand with the club to bring big-name artists to Hofstra, as well as putting more money into the program. No prospective student is going to be excited to come to a school that gets band members from artists that haven't been popular in nearly ten years, such as Big Boi. I also feel that is disrespectful to the student body to have a few students in a club dictate what is best for music choice at this school, and for objections to be shot down with such ridicule as "you're mentally challenged" and "gay." I find it confusing that many of these same people are those who stand up against the idea of using such words as insults; and I myself found it very hurtful. I hope the school can address this issue soon, before we lose even more students to the poor actions of our clubs.

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