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Letter to the Editor:

By Carl Rohde and Zach Mongillo, Special to The Chronicle

I understand that the Hofstra Chronicle is a newspaper, thus the ‘big scoop' is of the utmost importance. But I think that there is a limit to what should be revealed to the public. I speak at this time of the revealing of the King d'Hofstra's true identity.

The Hofstra Chronicle has single-handedly destroyed the legacy of the King d'Hofstra. When it was revealed that the King was to be unmasked, I sat there in disbelief, looking at my computer screen.

The King d'Hofstra was a character without an identity; this allowed him to make actions that many would not have the nerve to perform. This included brilliantly dancing down the halls and majestically parading through classrooms.

 The King was never afraid of pushing the limits, a habit that eventually got him captured and led to the revealing of his true identity. The King may have been an average man who gave out candy and wore a costume, but he became more than that.

The King was a man who was able to bring happiness to those around him. He was able to distract those who most needed a distraction and his charisma could light up a room in an instant.

The King was more than a man in a mask: he was an icon. He was proof that one man could change the lives of many others, even if only for a short time.

All I can hope for is that the King, identity now known, may walk the halls of Hofstra once more, unafraid of the obstacles that he may face and may he move in the same way, even with his identity revealed.

If he never again passes through his kingdom, then may the Hofstra Chronicle know who's truly at fault for his disappearance.

May those very same people think twice next time they contemplate revealing the identity of someone courageous enough to put on a costume and spread joy throughout this campus.

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