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Letter to the Editor (Oct. 27)

By Thomas Mozzelli, College Republicans of Hofstra


An article from the Oct. 13 issue of The Chronicle titled  "Racist Immigration Law Forces Alabama Hispanics Out" attempted to analyze the immigration laws in this country. It also offered commentary on the fairness and validity of the laws, or the lack thereof, stating, "America could use a little Hofstra P.R.I.D.E."

The aim of this new law is to preserve the P.R.I.D.E principle of respect for self and others. However, because illegal immigration has not been addressed, this principle has been neglected by our great country.

This law also attempts to change the history of neglect as well as address the disrespect that is committed by those who choose to enter our country illegally. And do not be fooled, it is just that - disrespect. The immigrants desire to live, and work in America because of the liberties and opportunities that are provided through our system of laws; however they refuse to respect those laws by entering our country illegally.

It is true that in most cases, these individuals are entering our country in response to the dire conditions in their home countries. While their stories are truly sad, efforts to help these individuals must be made. Allowing them to sidestep our legal process is not truly helping them.

If we do not uphold the justice system that makes our country such a desirable place to live, we will lose our place. We cannot allow the quest for the American Dream by some; destroy the reality of actualizing that Dream by all. Without upholding respect for our laws, that dream will be destroyed.

The author of the article also goes on to reference our mistreatment of immigrants who arrive to America under criminal means. He concludes by saying that while the immigrants are not citizens, they deserve all the rights of one. Wrong. While everyone should be treated with the dignity of a human being, whether they are immigrants or not, we must remember that immigrants are competent people who are actively choosing to disrespect the laws of the land. How is that fair to those who chose to enter this country legally? We must consider what is lost by sidestepping the legal process.

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