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Killzone 3 fulfills release day hopes

By Cody Heintz

Killzone 3 is the definition of a release day purchase, and is the perfect way for Sony to open 2011 for exclusives and new games.  Killzone 3 also takes advantage of the Playstation Move and 3D televisions to deliver a fun and unique experience for First Person Shooter (FPS) fans. The gameplay is fast-paced and enjoyable to keep you playing through the final act.   

Killzone 3 takes place immediately after Killzone 2 and continues the story of Sev as he is caught behind enemy lines.  Also intertwined with Sev's struggle for survival, is a civil war between the Helghast. Overall, the story for Killzone 3 is not as good as that of Killzone 2, but it does the job of moving the action forward and makes you want to play more.

The graphics and presentation of Killzone 3 are what really bring it to life.  There are a wide variety of environments where the action takes place, so that no two battles will feel the same, like a hellish jungle in Helghast and a demolished and lifeless city. The set pieces are some of the best to come out for a FPS, and graphics help to make the player believe they are on Helghan, which makes the experience that much more immersive.   

The game play in Killzone 3 is very well designed and varies, so as to keep the players on the edge of their seats. There is an option to have split-screen co-op, which was absent in Killzone 2, and allows players to play together instead of just playing online.

The online version is just as well made. For example, the Playstation Move allows players to try out the game in a completely different way and serves as a good compliment to players looking for a new challenge. Also, with the Move, the controller that comes with it does not feel like a cheap piece of plastic, but instead, brings a different experience for the franchise. Additionally, if a player has a 3D TV, they can see some very impressive effects seemingly come out of the TV, which makes the experience much more realistic.

If you are a fan of the Killzone 2 or of FPS games in general, you should buy this game as soon as possible.    

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