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How satisfied are you with Lackmann Culinary services?

By Ryan Broderick, Editor-In-Chief

A double survey was conducted by The Chronicle this week to determine how they felt students were with their dining services on campus.


A hundred and seventy-one students out of 200 polled answered that yes, they did wish to see Lackmann replaced with a different culinary. Eleven of the students polled said they did not wish to see Lackmann replaced. Eighteen students had no preference.


In the second survey conducted this week 100 students were asked if they were satisfied with Lackmann's services. Eighty students said they were not satisfied with the quality of Lackmann's services. Ten students were satisfied with Lackmann and ten students had no preference.


The surveys were conducted after news of Lackmann's alleged mistreatment of employees broke last week. Two weeks ago The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shut down Lackmann Culinary Services at Pace University after failing to meet cleaniness standards. A student boycott was held protesting the culinary company.


A press release issued by Lackmann explained, "With guidance from our Quality Assurance department, we are cleaning the areas thoroughly and monitoring protocols were established. We will be retraining and reinforcing associates on food safety. We will ensure proper temperature readings. The operations team cleaned the account to address all regulatory violations cited."


According to The Pace Press, Lackmann will not be returning  to the university in the fall.

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