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Hofstra professors are awarded grants

By Meghan Walsh


Hofstra professors Kathleen Scott, Jenny Roberts and Jason Davidow are some of the few and proud recipients of grants or awards for their work.

            Jason Davidow won an Advancing Academic-Research Career Award.  The award, according to Davidow, includes funding which goes to continuing education in "neuroimaging", his work in "fluency inducing conditions (stuttering)", and "grant writing opportunities."

            Likewise, Scott and Roberts, two recipients of the Edith Glick Shoolman Award, state, "With these recently awarded funds, we will be able to purchase computers and classroom materials for the kindergarten classrooms of the school."

            Each of these recipients underwent an intense process to obtain these awards, as Scott described. The process began with the "letter of interest" which had to be submitted and chosen before a "proposal" was even seen.  Davidow also underwent a relatively long process of "writing up a research proposal, a budget and a statement of where he saw his career going."

            Recipients of the awards agree that their awards will benefit Hofstra. Davidow hopes that the grant "will eventually allow for brain imaging studies" here at The University.

"The award will make it possible to purchase materials that will be used to implement the language-literacy programs that we are researching. They will also provide support for a graduate assistant to help with the data management," said Scott. "We are very excited that we have been awarded the Edith Glick Shoolman reward. We have been working on our language and literacy project for over three years now." 

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