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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By By Sophie Strawser, Staff Writer

            This week is all about the don'ts. I have offered you my don'ts in the past, liberally surrounded by dos. Well, life isn't all dos. There are quite a few don'ts that Hofstra students need to be made aware of.

Firstly, phone calls can be a number of things: personal, romantic, informative, etc. But when you are in line to pay and talking on your phone, it can pose a problem. By the time you have balanced your phone on your shoulder, continued the conversation and handed the cashier your card, the five people behind you have already plotted your murder. All you have to do is inform the person on the phone what is happening and ask if they can wait a mere two seconds. If the person you are talking to gets angry at the mention of having to wait, do the following: screw ‘em.

Don't stress about the long lines at CPK. We all seem to feel the need to comment on how long CPK takes. Don't. It is a lot of money, a lot of calories, and a lot of time. Suck it up.

 Don't blow out your eardrums. As I trekked to the city two weekends ago I was sitting on the shuttle across the row from a girl who looked about my age—a freshman. Providing a soundtrack to your life as you go about your daily activities is perfectly fine. I do it religiously, but when from across the aisle I can hear and identify the exact Michael Jackson song you are rocking out to—this is when we have a problem. When you are thirty, you will no longer have your hearing; maybe that's better so you won't be able to hear me chuckle at your ignorance. Kidding. I'm sure you just really like Michael Jackson.

Please don't let the door close on the person behind you. Delaying you maybe three seconds, holding the door for someone can automatically brighten someone's day.  As much as I enjoy my face being smashed up against the "clean" doors here at Hofstra, I would prefer the person in front of me simply hold it. Let's be considerate Hofstra.

Don't forget about that school work sitting on your desk. As much as college nurtures our social lives we need to make sure that we are able to focus on our studies when need be. I love having my dorm door open just as much as any other college student does, but sometimes it's not the best atmosphere for getting work done. Hit the library or shut the door. You are not footing a $50,000 bill in order to fail your classes.

Do not neglect the paper. Yes, I may be a little bias, but The Chronicle is an award-winning paper so why not support your peers and read their material? Although most of you will not make it to this sentence of my article, I still attempt to change the enviable. You know I love you, so let's stay cool Hofstra.

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