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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By Sophie Strawser, Staff Writer

Hello, Christmas break. With only three weeks left, we can almost taste the Christmas desserts awaiting our arrival. It is amazing to think that we, freshman, are almost done with our first semester of college. We have been through a lot.

We have mastered the art of making friends -- well, except for the kids we see still spending 24/7 in the library, pushing up the bridge of their glasses and whimpering when conversation is directed at them.

Since the start of the semester we have been faced with the difficult challenge of avoiding the stereotype of the "Freshman Fifteen." Some have succeeded; others have failed. Dutch Treats has sponsored all of those who have lost the battle.

Thanksgiving break was a much-needed one. It was our time to catch up with family, high school friends, and of course sleep. It was our first time being separated from our new network of friends. I found myself sending a text to my roommate, confessing how much I missed her, a mere two hours after I left her side.

This break was our chance to begin to see the friends from school with whom we can connect again over winter break. Friendships don't have to suffer even when separated. I have found that my best friend from high school and I have been able to keep our relationship tighter than ever despite the fact that we are attending schools in two different states. Thank goodness for modern technology such as texting, Skype and the oh-so neglected phone call.

The infamous "they" always say that the friends you make in college are the ones that you keep for life; well, if that is true, winter break will be our first chance to see if these friendships can be sustained while apart.

Although you only have three weeks left, don't become too comfortable. As college students we are given the opportunity to meet new people every day. Even though at this point we all have formed our group of friends, or not (I'm not one to judge), we should all still be in the habit of forming relationships with those around us. If it's the girl behind the music library desk (that's me), the boy who sits next to you in class, or that one person down your hall that you still don't know, speak to them. Keep making friends, people.

Try not to stress. I know that everyone wants to do well on finals, but allowing the anxiety to ruin your last week of your first semester isn't right either. Yes, it is a week full of tests that could make or break your grade, but it is also the last week before you leave for six weeks. Start studying as soon as you can. If you begin now, you will not be pulling out your hair and ignoring your friends when finals come around.

Three weeks. Almost done, Hofstra. Peace.


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