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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By Sophie Strawser, Staff Writer

As freshman, I hope that everyone, by now, has started to feel comfortable here at Hofstra. I have to say from my perspective, it is being to show. Dressing properly and clean cut, the freshman class looked impeccable the first few weeks. Not that we don't look impeccable now, but we now are exposing our true colors. Sweats are as common as alcohol. (Not funny, completely joking.)

Let's walk through the fashion days of the school week. Monday. Ah, Monday. The day when everyone is on edge, grumpy, and wishing the week away. Clothing: Matching Hofstra sweatpants and sweatshirt (matching: aren't you cute).

Tuesday has more promise. Classes you haven't had since Thursday keep you motivated. Clothing: Jeans and a V-neck, you throw on a scarf if you're feeling crazy.

Wednesday, my personal favorite, is the day that you see the light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel obviously referring to the Hofstra work-week. Clothing: Leggings or jeans, nice top, and the hair has been altered from its rats nest style to a more presentable one.

Thursday is here and the week is almost over. Thursday is the day of anticipation—almost Friday. Clothing: Leggings or jeans, nice top, presentable hair and accessories.

Friday is the day we all worship. Push yourselves through your couple of classes, if any, and you have yourself the weekend. Clothing: Leggings or jeans, nice top, presentable hair, jewelry and a smile that makes everyone stare. (Friday's clothing may be exchanged for a dress if the weather prevails).

As the "studies" (aka my observations) have found, the average Hofstra student progressively becomes more attractive as the week progresses. Is this concerning or normal? Come on Hofstra. We are forty minutes from a city dripping with fashion, but yet here on campus the standards just aren't high enough.

You, yes you, with the New Balance sneakers. I'm not sure what to say to you. Should I yell? (This being said hypothetically since I suppose my only means of yelling at you at the current moment would be to type more aggressively) Should I personally buy you new sneakers? (After looking at my tuition bill I have decided against my latter option) What I can do is tell you that sometimes it's just got to be fashion over comfort. (If weeping has occurred: use page A13 as a tissue.)

Although many students follow the average Hofstra fashion week cycle, there are quite a few students that strive to keep our fashion standards afloat. I personally have never worn sweats to class. Does this make me better than the New Balance wearer? Yes. (again tissues on A13).

I'm joking of course, since we all do our best in the classroom no matter what our dress, but why not use our clothes as another medium of art. New York City isn't the only place that is allowed to have a plethora of styles, cultures and clothing. Hofstra, it's time for us to create our style. Caution: the contents of this article may when applied, boast self-esteem, turn single into taken and make Hofstra a more beautiful campus.

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