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Figueroa follows through

By Svenja van den Woldenberg, Staff Writer

Lackmann Culinary Services and the Student Services Committee have agreed to open the Student Center dining hall at 9 a.m. on weekends. The extended hours were put into place on Saturday, Nov. 5.

In a recent press release, the Student Government Association reported that the Academic Affairs Committee, headed by Victoria Rametta; the Student Services Committee, headed by Adriana Figueroa; and Dennis Lestrange, Lackmann Director of Dining Services, have had several meetings. Figueroa said the Student Services Committee meets every Thursday in the Small Clubs office (second floor Student Center) and welcomes all students that would like to voice their opinion.

"I did try to mention to Lackmann that finals are coming up," said Figueroa, "and I don't want to happen what happened a couple years ago, when everything was shut down by 9 p.m or even earlier, so I was like please let me know what you're going to do, if you can extend the hours."

The committees have also met with Judith Tabron, Director of Faculty and Student Computer Services and Daniel Rubey, Dean of Library Services. These meetings have resulted in the expansion of the Dutch Treats menu, longer library hours, and the Student Center opening at 9 a.m. on weekends.

"My committee, we're trying to do stuff but I guess the problem is letting people know that their suggestions aren't being ignored, we're taking them seriously," said Figueroa.

Figueroa said other things that SGA and the Senate are currently working on include altering the Blue Beetle schedule, getting coffee pots for dorm rooms by next fall, more hydration stations and PridePrint in C Square. Student Government President David Zuniga was not available for further comment before publication.

Suggestions to the Student Services Committee can be made via or on the Facebook group Suggestions@Hofstra.

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