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Dorm Room Dish

By By Jenna Grasso, Staff Writer

While in college, many students want to maintain a healthy diet. Although it is a good thing to eat healthy and maintain a healthy diet, there is always time for chips and dip on the weekends! It won't hurt anyone if you cheat a little on your diet during the weekend. You can always find time to go to the gym during the week, right?

Chili dip is something that is dorm room-friendly. It's also fast and simple if you need to whip it up in a hurry. The dip should take between 3 to 5 minutes to make. The only electronic you need to make the dip is a microwave, which you should either have in your room on in your building's kitchen.

The first step in making the dip is to put one packet of cream cheese and one can of beef-less chili into a large microwave-safe bowl. Once in a bowl, you should put the bowl into the microwave for two minutes or until hot.

After the cream cheese and beef-less chili are hot, you can mix the two ingredients together. Then you can open up your favorite kind of cheese (American, Mexican Blend, or Three Cheese Blend work the best) and sprinkle it on top of the cream cheese and chili mixture. Put the whole bowl back in the microwave and heat it up for another minute. Then the dip should be ready to eat!

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