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DJ Spinderella's daughter takes on life at Hofstra

By Matt Scotto, Features Editor

Freshman broadcast journalism major Christy Anderson just seems like your average college student at first glance. What you wouldn't know about her is that she is the daughter of DJ Spinderella (of Salt-N-Pepa fame). Besides having an extraordinary family, Christy goes about her life like anyone else would, even the way she looks up to her mother. "I see her as any other mom," Christy says, "so it's not a big deal to me, but it's pretty cool. She may have a cool job, but she's kind of a nerd," she laughs. "She does mom things, like tell me to clean my room." Although Christy grew up with her mom in the spotlight, she explains that it was a very normal experience for her, even when she asks her mom for advice. "My mom is a businesswoman," she says, "and she tells me how to deal with people in terms of business."

Christy comes a very musical family, and credits them for having a diverse musical taste herself. "I listen to old school hip-hop, the Temptations, pretty much anything." However, having a musical family didn't give her aspirations to become a musician. "I went on tour with her a lot," she says, "but I was more interested in what was going behind the scenes. [In terms of a career] she told me to do what I want." This inspired her to become a broadcast journalism major. "My dream job would probably be to do production for MTV," she explains.

Christy found it much harder to deal with life in high school rather than life in college, since she appeared on the hit MTV show, "My Super Sweet 16." Now, as a sorority sister in Delta Phi Epsilon, her life is more normal than ever. "I used to work at the mall, I'm a broke college student like everybody else." Christy doesn't mind the attention, but doesn't want to disappoint people when they find out that she's just like everybody else. She says, "I don't want to be boring to people."

Her mom may be famous, but Christy Anderson is determined to make a name for herself. (Photo Courtesy of Christy Anderson)

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