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Disney star's body of work takes center stage

By Rachel Lutz

Vanessa Hudgens has had three sets of nude and explicit photos leaked in five years, the most recent of which surfaced last week. While this seems tame for other celebrities, keep in mind that Hudgens was raised in the House of Mouse. Other Disney stars aren't faring too well, either. Linsday is in and out of jail, Miley split up her parents while smoking mystery substances, and Demi just got out of rehab. What kind of disaster factory are they running over there?

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton received confirmation that the photos were authentic through one of Hudgen's lawyers, but was also warned to remove the links to the photos because the pictures were taken before she was 18. After crunching some numbers, we can figure out that the pictures were taken in or before 2006… while she was filming High School Musical. Right.

Vanessa, you are a Disney starlet. Why are you taking nude photos? Better yet: if they weren't going to long-term boyfriend Zac Efron, where were they going? And who wants to ruin your life that much that they keep insisting on leaking these photos?

This kind of situation is one from which she should have been able to learn. The first two times nude photos of Hudgens were leaked she was slapped on the wrist and it was hushed up. The third time is the charm, but she should've known better. It's not even news anymore. It's just a recurrent, dumb situation that she keeps getting herself into.

Unless, of course, the whole thing was a publicity stunt. Beastly was released on March 4, and Suckerpunch is set to release March 25. Beastly received generally terrible reviews, and Suckerpunch's trailers aren't looking promising, either.

By baring it all, does Hudgens think people will want to go see her movies? If anything, her logic is 180 degrees backwards. No one, especially parents, will want to support an actress who thinks she can get ahead by publically baring it all.

Another theory is that she might be doing it to get back at Efron. Maybe by showing him she's willing to give anyone her goods, he'll take her back to get them all to himself. Maybe she's trying to make him jealous. But again, that seems entirely backwards. Efron should be disgusted by her behavior.

In any case, Hudgens should remember that she is a role model. As any public figure in the spotlight knows, no matter what you do, people look up to you, and you will have loyal fans. Unfortunately for Hudgens, those fans are slowly turning against her because they see sweet Gabrielle Montez as the new high school harlot.

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