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Columnist's appeal for Harvest Festival answered with Fright Night

By Michaela Papa, Columnist

I assume all of you reading this are avid enthusiasts of my column.  This being noted, I can therefore conclude that you all welled with pride when you read of the Fright Night hosted by Hofstra.

Due to the fact that Fright Night has ceased to exist prior to my editorial beckoning for a Harvest Festival, the conclusion must be drawn that I directly affect Hofstra.  Stuart Rabinowitz is one of the aforementioned avid enthusiasts of my column.  

This may be a bit hyperbolic, but hey--it feels good to think that my ideas have the potential to make a difference; if these changes include a professional pumpkin carver, then all the better.  

On October 31, Hofstra begins celebrations at 8 p.m.  From 8 to 9 p.m., there will be "free harvest treats."  As a group of people giving thousands of dollars a year to this institute, we might as well get our money's worth in candy apples, orange cotton candy, churros and the excitingly enigmatic "much more."  

Now, I mentioned this earlier, but for those of you who thought it was a mistype, there will be a professional pumpkin carver at Fright Night, a person who carves pumpkins…professionally.  This not only gives me hope for my future, but for Hofstra's as well. Some pumpkins are like people: some shine and some don't. With a professional pumpkin carver on site to help attendants create their own jack-o-lanterns, there is no telling the amount of great pumpkins that will look like they're retching their guts out.

As a culmination of excitement, Fright Night will conclude with an outdoor screening of "The Shining."  Outside Adams Playhouse, everybody's asked to bring blankets and lawn chairs to watch this classic scary movie.  With a supposed unlimited amount of popcorn, apple cider and hot chocolate, this should be a fantastic event.  

This is something that Pride members can hypothetically be proud.  It has potential.  This could be an event that brings the Hofstra community together in a fun environment and creates some sense of school pride.  We greatly lack a sense of unity and pride, and I believe a large amount of this is due to the insufficient amount of communal activities.      

Our campus is making strides to bring us together through fun, free events. We have the potential to forge together and possibly be proud to say that we go to Hofstra, that we are proud Pride people.  If nothing else, there is free hot chocolate.  Nothing bad can be said about that.


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