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Club Spotlight: Nexus Yearbook

By Matt Ern, Staff Writer

Nexus, the club at Hofstra University in charge of putting out the school yearbook, is hard at work putting out this year's edition. It will feature some of The University's various 75th anniversary celebrations, as well as other new additions, making the 2010-2011 yearbook one of the most exciting ones yet.

There are plans to include Hofstra's history and older photos in the yearbook in order to acknowledge the 75th anniversary. Nexus has a long history at The University; its first yearbook was published in 1936.  

Nexus is run by Co-Editors-in-Chief Elizabeth Burger and Svenja van den Woldenberg; both are juniors who have been active within Nexus for years.  There are roughly 15 other members, ranging from section editors to photographers.

The yearbooks are for undergraduate students; they mostly go to graduating seniors, although underclassmen can purchase their own copies if they want to own a snapshot of Hofstra for a particular year.

They are distributed to all departments, deans and the admissions office when they are published, usually around the November.  Seniors who to take a senior portrait will have the yearbook mailed to them for free.

It takes about a full academic year for the yearbooks to be completed, with the 2010-2011 yearbooks estimated to go to the printers sometime over the summer.  All of the year's events and celebrations, including graduation, will be included.

According to Burger, the 2010-2011 yearbooks are about halfway done, as the spring semester just began.  Club photos are currently being compiled by Nexus.

Editor of the Fraternity/Sorority Life section Kenny Cordero Rubinos says he enjoys being a part of Nexus because of the Greek Life events he gets to attend such as Greek Week. "I get to go to all their events, even the ones off campus.  They're a lot of fun," Rubinos said. "We're trying to show that Greek Life is about helping people and that it promotes leadership."  

Besides the 75th anniversary celebrations, the latest yearbook is also going to include faculty group shots by department, which hasn't been done before.  "It'll be cool for people to look back at their professors," Burger says.

Burger, a Public Relations major/ graphic design minor, has had plenty of experience working on yearbooks.  "I've done yearbook since I was in sixth grade.  When I was a junior and senior in high school I was the Editor-in-Chief of my school's yearbook," she said. "I love this stuff."

When Burger first joined Nexus as a freshman, she worked on the Student Life section and did photography for the club.


The latest edition of Nexus will include faculty group shots, which has never been featured before. (Matt Scotto/The Chronicle)

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