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Chronicle Advice: Getting settled into campus life

By Chronicle Advice Columnist

Ever had a question for a fellow student but were too embarrassed to ask? Our very own advice guru has the answers to your questions!

How do you deal with homesickness once you've gotten on campus?

Let's be real for a second – who has actually felt homesickness since they've moved into Hofstra? First Years? Upperclassmen? The answer is: barely anyone! With everything planned during Welcome Week, there was barely any downtime to think about home. But in the off chance you have felt homesickness within these first two weeks, there's plenty to keep in mind: A) The ones who really feel sick are your family; believe me, they probably miss you more than you miss them. B) Skype is your best friend and is key to any communication with the world you left behind you. C) College is not a

prison; if you need a break or just need to get home for the weekend, no one is stopping you. However, if in the end you really need to talk to someone, take a look at the campus around you. There are thousands of kids willing to lend a kind ear in your time of need.

I know that college is a "freeing experience," but my roommate seems to be taking that a little too far by constantly walking around naked. How do I get them to put on clothes?

For starters, maybe your roommate had his or her own room back home. Maybe they were a single child who had

the house to themselves often. Maybe they never felt the need to clothe their loins, and that was their form of rebellion against consumerism and society. Whatever the reason, it's time for them

to realize they're not alone anymore! Courtesy goes beyond just cleaning the bathroom, pitching in for a futon, and figuring out who's going to be driving on the weekends. As "premature adults," it's time that we mature to a standard where living with a roommate entails both consideration and clothing. If your roommate can't seem to understand that, there is a Target five minutes down the road where they can pick up some nice clothes for sale.

How do I keep my old friends from home, particularly when I can't find time to talk to them?

Talking from personal experience, it's hard. Just not too long ago, a friend very near and dear to me in high school un-friended me on Facebook because she felt I had abandoned her for my new friends. After countless apologies and texts I finally got her back, but I realized

something – just as it was my job to meet new people in college, it was even more important to remember the ones I met first. Sure, there will be scheduling conflicts when you try to talk to everyone, but even just a simple Facebook wall post asking how they're doing will mean more than you could imagine.


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