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Charlie Sheen bites the hand that feeds him millions

By By Michael Margavitch, Columnist

Charlie Sheen seemed to have it all: the star role in television's number one sitcom, Two and a Half Men, and a $100 million, two-season deal. Even as various scandals broke, it was as though he was a Teflon man. However, Charlie Sheen may have to finally face the consequences of his actions.

In a radio interview with Alex Jones on February 24th, Sheen heavily criticized Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre. "I violently hate Chaim Levine [Chuck Lorre]. He's a stupid, stupid little man and a [expletive deleted] punk that I'd never want to be like."

As a result of biting the hand that feeds him, Sheen's career could be in serious jeopardy. Two and a Half Men shut down production for the rest of this season, its eighth. Chances are that the last episode has been seen.

This specific incident is different from any other scandal in which Sheen was involved. He was virtually unscathed by a hotel room free-for-all back in November. The shooting schedule of his sitcom was even moved around to make Sheen's rehab stays possible. This time, Sheen went after someone within the show; and Lorre does not take kindly to being insulted by a man whose career he basically revived.

The obvious choice is to cancel Two and a Half Men. Lorre has no reason to let Charlie continue his awful behavior and collect his big paycheck. Two and a Half Men already makes a huge amount of money from syndication, so further seasons are not necessary if Lorre is concerned about income. Additionally, Lorre has created CBS blockbuster sitcom The Big Bang Theory, a show with high ratings and no actor controversy, and new hit Mike & Molly.

The fact that Lorre did nothing until Sheen insulted him makes him look bad enough. However, if there is no consequence in store for Sheen now, Lorre will look spineless and greedy. Shows do not last forever, and the other actors on Two and a Half Men should know so.

Even if it is sooner than expected, Two and a Half Men would eventually be cancelled anyway.

Sheen needs to learn a lesson, even if it comes this late in the game. He is slowly evolving into the new Mel Gibson with his own self-destructive behavior. There are rumors of Sheen appearing in a two-part ABC interview, a promo of which shows the troubled actor stating, "I'm on a drug, and it's called Charlie Sheen." Mr. Lorre, cut your losses.

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