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Bulletstorm rewards violence

By Cody Heintz, Assistant Business Manager

Bulletstorm is an over the top, first-person shooter that takes place in the 26th century in an area of the universe called the Confederation of Planets. Bulletstorm is a fun game that makes heavy use of crude and toilet humor. The gameplay is designed so that players are rewarded for doing harder kills and tasks.

The story for Bulletstorm is pretty straight-forward in that it is about getting revenge on somebody who left you for dead. The player takes control of a space pirate named Grayson Hunt who was once part of a commando type army called the Dead Echo, until he was betrayed by his commanding officer, General Sarrano. Along with his cyborg partner Ishi Sato, Hunt is on a path for vengeance. The story is pretty standard but gets the job done. The humor in the game also makes up for the basic story, as the player will want to continue to see what the characters will say or do next. 

The gameplay for Bulletstorm is best described as a more over the top version of Borderlands in that there are plenty of crazy weapons and enemies to kill. With no cover system in the game and the A.I. being less than intelligent, the gameplay is straight- forward and fun.

The ‘leash' used by Hunt is the gameplay's strongest point. It adds another element, as it adds a new dimension to gaming. The leash has its own personality, but still allows the players to do more combos and with more ways to bring down enemies. Also, the way that players upgrade is different in that experience is gained not just through playing, but also through gaining skillshots.  Skillshots can be earned through unique kills, such as shooting enemies in the groin and using the leash in a middle of a combo. Even though the gameplay may seem simple at face value, it is actually pretty engaging and has plenty of depth to keep the game exciting.

The graphics for Bulletstorm are vibrant and really bring out the style of gameplay. With the addition of a destructible environment, the setting can change and reflect the mayhem that takes place in the game. With no real problems with glitches or screen tearing, there is nothing that the graphics do wrong for the game.    

Bulletstorm also has an interesting multiplayer in that there is a coop mode. Called Anarchy Mode, it allows players to both play together and become rivals. The players must gain a certain number of points to move onto the next level, and the player that does the craziest kill and gains the highest amount of points is declared winner. The multiplayer option is standard fare with death match and team modes but nothing else stands out. Bulletstorm is perfect for players looking for a game that has crazy weapons and plenty of enemies to mow down.

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