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An introduction to Jake Boly

By Jake Boly, Special to the Chronicle

Hobby (noun): an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. To say that working out and nutrition are my hobbies would be an insult, I'm utterly obsessed.  My name is Jake Boly and I'm a fitness enthusiast, nut, addict, and maniac. I began working out while reading into nutrition daily two years ago, and have never looked back. In fact, something I enjoy more than undergoing these by myself are educating others not only so they learn, but so they can find an interest to fitness and diet in their own way.  

Let's face it, anyone can give tips and lecture on what you "should" be doing or eating. When someone equips you with the knowledge to arm yourself and find what works best for you, that is something special. Everyone has their own goals and ambitions. Following tips given to a mass population isn't personal, or very helpful in the sense of one's own goals. I plan to give you advice that everyone can alter and change to fit their own needs, not only so you can start a lifestyle you enjoy and flourish from, but a lifestyle that will continue to educate you as you progress in your goals.  Also, what's so great about learning more with nutrition and exercise? The concepts and thoughts are constantly changing. We each have our own rituals and ideas that work for us already, what if you expanded or tweaked them?  

The ability to take new concepts and apply them to what you already know not only keeps you interested, but offers you a degree of adding your own twist. Basically, there are so many concepts and ideas out there, that it takes most a lifetime to figure out what works perfectly for them. This being said each day is made for us to improve and better ourselves whether it be with fitness or even something as minor as your next meal. So what's the mission? Every piece of advice or tip given will be backed by science and not popular trends that the general public follows. Examples include debunking six meals a day, FOC (fear of carbs), and even "healthy" vs. "unhealthy" foods, whilst also supplying vital knowledge about macro/micro nutrients, IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), new exercise concepts, and great foods you can actually enjoy on campus that are packed with nutrients. Throughout the year come check me out on The Hofstra Chronicle online for the best fitness and nutrition tips, knowledge, and advice I've acquired over time.


Jake maintains an active lifestyle, whether it’s lifting weights at the gym, or eating a fullfilling meal. (Photo Courtesy of Jake Boly)

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