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I swish around in my sleeping bag as I hear the roosters crowing in the distance. I pull myself out of my slumber, throw my old jeans and t-shirt on and head to the latrine and sink outside. Eventually, we head down the dirt-covered road to our host Myra's, house, where a lovely breakfast sits of rice and beans, eggs and fresh fruit. We make conversation with her children and laugh when someone makes a mistake in Spanish. After that, we head to the worksite where I participate in the hardest physical labor of my life.

With a feminine flair and a reasonable price tag, eryn brinié is certainly a brand to keep an eye on this season. Originally from Korea, their apparel ranges from the ultra-feminine to the basic and androgynous. According to their website, their clothing is built around wardrobe fundamentals refined with delicate draping (reminiscent of Alexander Wang) and soft fabrics. "Our philosophy combines European chic with New York's youthful spirit and modern sensibility," the site says.

Living two different lives, one half way across the world, could get exhausting but Shahbab Choudhury, a sophomore, just sees it as a new opportunity and a learning experience.
Choudhury was born in Bangladesh and moved to the U.S. when he was a senior in high school. He came here to get a good education. Although he had extended family in the States, it was still a challenge to start all over.