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Wells responds to draft

Dear members of the Hofstra University Community,

As many of you know, The Chronicle wrote a story about a flyer depicting my running mate, Luke Miedreich.  The flyer was absolutely defamatory towards Luke and not a true representation of his character.  Luke is a well-known and respected figure on campus.  In my two years as Luke's friend and colleague, I am privileged to know Luke's true nature.  This flyer is not a true representation of the Luke I know.   

Luke is extremely involved and outgoing.  He is fearless and accomplishes any task that he undertakes.  Nothing is too much for him.  Though the Halloween costume he wore to the Halloween Senate meeting was in poor taste and offensive, there is absolutely no reason why this mistake justified a widespread attack against his character.   

Luke is considered by many to be the most accomplished member of Student Government.  He has organized numerous events and has acquired an extensive knowledge of the university.  Luke is extremely genuine, charitable, and has an amazing sense of social responsibility.  He is one of the leading fundraisers for Relay for Life, just one of his many notable contributions to Hofstra.  He coordinates a fashion show called "Destination Runway", which raised over $3000 for charity this year alone.  When Brian Marquis, a fellow member of Student Government traveled to Ghana, Luke organized a toy drive for the school that Brian visited.  It disheartens and angers me that someone can be so malicious towards Luke, a community and service oriented person.

He is also well versed in the cultural clubs on campus.  He is an extremely avid fan of the IMANI Dance Ensemble and he attends many of their shows.  He was present at the fundraising dinner for Haiti organized by the African Caribbean Society.  As a fellow Founding Father of Phi Delta Theta, he is very excited to work with the fraternities and sororities of the African Latino Fraternal Sororal Alliance.  How can one even ask if "we really want that representing the student body"?

Everyone has made a mistake, however Luke has to address this again seven months later.  Why?  Someone is jealous of what he has achieved and his ambitions.  This is an issue of the past.  It should have been completely addressed in the past.  Instead it has caused public embarrassment months later.

I have seen Luke grow into a very respectable and admirable leader.  He was my first choice for a running mate and this is a decision I do not regret.  Luke is not the disrespectful and racist person this flyer depicts.  College is a time for growth and maturity, and I have seen this in my running mate, my friend, and my brother, Luke Miedreich.

Unconditionally and without reservations,
Fellow Student Jimmy Wells

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