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Wells and Miedreich win SGA Election

By David Gordon, Managing Editor

With 510 votes, James Wells and Luke Miedreich were elected Student Government Association President and Vice President. The Francesco Vivacqua/Anil Beria ticket received 247 votes.

"I'm thrilled. We worked hard and it paid off," Wells said shortly after the results were posted.

"It's been a long three months and now it's finally done and Jimmy and I are ready to work extremely hard for the upcoming year," Miedreich added.

Current SGA President Sean Hutchinson is proud of the candidates. "I think they have a really big responsibility next year as President and Vice President and I just hope they really take students first," he said.

The full results of the election are as follows:

Presidential Tickets        Votes
Wells/Miedreich        510
Vivacqua/Beria        247

Justices        Votes
M. Sully          201
B. Weinberg        180
Y. Douglas        150
D.Zuniga        142
S. Yelverton        131
C. Heintz        127
A. Ruffini        109

Only the top five candidates will become justices       

Only senators receiving enough votes are shown       
S. Aikens        161
G. Albaum        134
J. Baer        130
B. Chess        106
B. Cody        175
K. Cordero        153
R. Dweck        121
K. Gambord        112
N. Gomes        131
T. Greenpope        258
M. Hershfield        137
R. Hopkins        120
C. Kennedy        154
N. Khan        101
J. Kowalczyk        166
R. Kugelmass        106
D. Lebo        135
A. Lerner         172
B. Marquis         223
D. Mercia        125
A. Mittal        100
L. Pena        101
M. Rosner        168
A. Rubinstein        129
N. Schweers        201
K. Scungio        127
A. Shaaya        119
J. Smith        129
V. Vullo        176
E. Weeden        117
E. Zanfardino        136

Wells/Miedreich campaign manager Victoria Vullo hugs Luke Miedreich following the posting of the election results. (Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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