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We'll give you $100 for an A

By Svenja van den Woldenberg, Special to The Chronicle

Currently, students enrolled in universities across the country are wagering money on the outcome of their grades., run by Ultrinsic Motivator Inc., is a Long Island based website that allows students to wager money on their grades or grade point averages. If a student says he or she will receive an A in math and wagers $50, and if he or she can prove with an official transcript that he or she received an A at the end of the semester the student will be paid $100. The website claims to be a motivational tool for undergraduate students geared towards improving grades by rewarding students.

Many government officials, including member of the Nassau County Legislature Dave Denenberg, have expressed concerns that the website is dangerous for students. According to New York's WPIX-TV, Denenberg is trying to propose a law to ban gambling on grades. Concerns have also been expressed by the National Council of Problem Gambling.

"[Using Ultrinsic is] like gambling, within reason it could be used as encouragement or could be addicting," said sophomore Amanda Martin.

There are currently 36 universities across the country whose students use Ultrinsic. Among these are CUNY Queens College, SUNY Binghamton, Syracuse University, St. Johns University, New York University and Columbia University. According to the website there is no official affiliation between the institutions and the website.

Students at 36 universities now have the opportunity to wager money on their grades online. Creators of are hoping this will motivate students to raise their grades. (Laura Molinari/The Chronicle)

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