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So long to the fall semester

By Dara Adeeyo, Senior Editorial Editor

The fall 2009 semester has finally come to an end. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty happy that this semester is over. Here at The Chronicle we faced a lot of news-like trials and tribulations that caused us slight distress. Join us as we reminisce about the ups and downs of this semester's paper.

We kicked off the semester with a drunk driving incident. One student decided to drive while intoxicated, which resulted in one flipped and one damaged car. In response to this, our cartoonist decided to create a piece of art that would shine some light on the drinking problem here on campus. However, some of you did not find this image funny in the slightest—woops.

Soon after, the University rape incident occurred. We were excited to have a huge on-campus news story placed in our paper. Yes, one of our editors forgot to place the word "alleged" in that article's lead, but as journalists, we did manage to place a correction in the following week's issue.

Moving on, we tackled several inquisitive issues like ID swiping into buildings, mold in the residence halls and the sudden distribution of receipts with the payment of a meal. We also praised those who received great accolades, like President Stuart Rabinowitz who received an honorary doctorate and WRHU who was nominated for an MTVU Woodie Award. We welcomed the presence of new shows like "Glee" and scoffed at ones like "Jersey Shore." And now as the semester ends, we shed some light on the recent vanish of the University's football program.

And sure we may have delivered all of this with a couple of typos here and there (you readers have called us out on that), you'll have to forgive us, we're not perfect!
Needless to say, we hope you have a lovely break and we'll see you in the new year.

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