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SGA reinstates two senators

By Alexi Knock, Assistant News Editor

The Student Government Association's (SGA) meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 2 involved was cut unusually short.

Typically, SGA meetings consist of debate over new club proposals however, this was not the case at the association's first November meeting. Hopeful students Michal Ovadia and Jeff Colburn spoke about a new club, We Connect Now, which would be affiliated with Department Services for Students with Disabilities and the Career Center.

"This club is aimed at helping disabled students on campus find jobs and internships," said Ovadia, junior. "We also want to educate the Hofstra community about disabilities that students can have." We Connect Now is a nationwide organization at several universities that assists people in overcoming their disabilities by promoting research as well as finding employment. Ovadia added that the club is looking to get prospective employers to speak with disabled students and help at seminars.

After confirming that We Connect Now had enough signatures of students interested, SGA skipped formal and informal debate altogether and came to a unanimous decision allowing the club to join the University.

The focus of this week's meeting consisted of reinstating senators, something SGA hasn't been forced to do in over a year and a half. Since it had been a while since the last reinstatement, senators were rusty about the specific rules. Reinstatement occurs when a senator has over two unexcused absences and must either be voted back into SGA or kicked out. Senator Chris Kennedy had to give a speech to the senators convincing them to let him back into SGA even though he had over two unexcused absences.  After Kennedy's words, the senator's were given five minutes to speak in favor or against his reinstatement.

"I think this kick in the a-- is what we need to get our act together," said Jon Adkins, who was the second senator up for reinstatement after Kennedy.

In order for a senator to be reinstated, a two-thirds vote is needed. The final results of Kennedy's vote was 65.5 percent, which Vice President Luke Miedreich rounded up to give Kennedy the necessary 66 percent vote to be allowed back into SGA.

Adkins, SGA's Inter Fraternity and Sorority Council representative then gave his plea. "I have a good voice," said Adkins. When asked what JON has done for SGA, he said, "I do nothing." However, Adkins proposed that he had many new ideas including cleaning up the Rathskeller.

Since Adkins is the IFSC representative, his position can only be filled by a student in Greek Life and is chosen by IFSC, not SGA. "No one else can fill this position but me," said Adkins.

During the debate, senators had to brush up on the reinstatement policy in order to clarify their many questions. "We need an IFSC representative and he's done a fantastic job as a member of Student Services Committee, said senator Ralph Dweck. "He brings up a different perspective that we don't have and has been a wonderful liaison between Greek life and SGA. And as we know, Greek life and SGA in the past have not had the best of a bond." Another senator explained that Adkins was unanimously voted by IFSC to be its representative in SGA, which means that even if he is voted out, IFSC had the final say and may still vote him back in. After a long debate, the senators came to a unanimous vote to allow Adkins back into SGA.

Senator Alice Rodrigues agreed that letting Adkins rejoin SGA as the Greek life representative was a good decision. "No one bleeds Greek life like he does."






(Jim Ausanio/The Chronicle)

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