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SGA kicks off fall semester

By Courtney Walsh, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) held their first meeting of the fall semester this past Tuesday, Sept. 14th.   The Senate itself was nearly outnumbered by the tremendous amount of delegates vying for one of the 25 open seats.

"The competition will be cutthroat," said Spirit Chairwoman Victoria Vullo.

Two new clubs were also passed at the Senate meeting. a club which was formally sponsored by the Communications department, runs a website where University students can showcase their mini video series, articles and other forms of media. By joining SGA, hopes to expand their membership to students outside the School of Communications. The second club, the Game Design Club, is as its name implies and offers an outlet for University students who design or would like to learn how to design video games.

Rules Chairwoman Alessandra Shaaya confirmed that SGA's database had been updated and is now 100% accurate.  Appropriations Chairman Jordan Baer added that the SGA has plans for new club applications and appropriations forms will soon be accessible via the Internet.  Bear also introduced the addition of workshops, in which he and other members of the appropriations committee would instruct potential-clubs or current club executive boards how to write a solid budget proposal.

Next to speak was junior and current SGA President Jimmy Wells."The school has really disappointed me with its lack of advertising for Hofstra's 75th anniversary," said Wells.

Wells urged the members of the Senate and the delegates to utilize their social influence and spread the word of the approaching event.  Then Wells invited the new members to the front to be sworn in by

Chief Justice Yaneke Douglas. Among them were Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council Representative Joe Adkins, Resident Student Association representative Hannah Linder, Social Chair Alice Rodrigues and Club Information Chair Alex Zelenski.

Vice President Luke Miedreich then spoke on various issues that the SGA would be facing with the new year including: Hofstra's 5th Annual Music Festival, The Destination Runway Fundraiser, Homecoming Hofstra's 75th Anniversary, and how it could be improved at the University.

The Comptroller Brian Marquis also announced that this year instead of simply SGA auditing University clubs, a new board has been created to include non-SGA members. The Internal Review and Control (IRC) board member boasts five non SGA students; Matt Garcia, Fatima Sow, Britney Hinds, Dara Adeeyo and Scott Berozi.  Marquis believes that by separating IRC from SGA, the new IRC will allow clubs and their members to feel more comfortable while being audited and to give them a fair examination.

Several other points of interest were raised throughout the meeting such as a possibility for bookstore rewards for students with high GPAs or rewards for "high spenders" at the bookstore, and a suggestion to have the Axinn Library and its cafe open 24 hours daily for studying.

As the meeting drew to a close, Vullo spoke on SGA's involvement as a club in Homecoming. SGA

plans to work with two Greek organizations, Phi Sigma Sigma and Sigma Alpha Mu, to build a float and participate in Homecoming Week events.  Liz Weeden was appointed Homecoming Co chair with Vullo.

The SGA meeting on Sept. 14, 2010 was spent updating members on each committee's current status, and what had occurred over the summer recess.

SGA’ signed in two new clubs as well as the Internal Review and Control Board, which consists of non members who will audit clubs. (Courtney Walsh/The Chronicle)

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