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SGA experiences massive turnout

By Courtney Walsh, Staff Writer

After application processes and weeks of waiting, the night senate-hopefuls had been waiting for had finally arrived Tuesday evening.  The Student Government Association (SGA) meeting on Sept. 28 marked the end the senate's most competitive delegation process to date.

"I am so happy and proud that this many people want to join SGA," said Student Government Vice President Lukas Miedreich. "This means people are interested in benefiting the Hofstra community. We really took 23 great people who want to do great things for Student Government and the entire community."

The process started with the commencement of the fall 2010 semester. Those interested in becoming senators were required to first collect 100 peer signatures to nominate them for the position. Once the signatures were collected, the delegate was then required to attend two rules committee meetings, two other committees (ie: club affairs, fundraising, etc) and two senate meetings. On the delegate's third senate meeting the applicant was eligible for election.

Delegates were ushered out of the greenhouse and then brought in groups of five to be questioned by the senate.  Common questions concerned what the delegates had contributed to SGA thus far, and how they felt they could continue to contribute to the SGA as a member. Once the interviews were completed the delegates waited outside while the senate voted.

After an hour of waiting, the delegates were invited back into the greenhouse, and 23 of them sworn in: Julie Procopio, Maryann Lucks, Natasha Jaisinghani, Nicole Yorlando, Brittany Scalise, Caitlin Rauchle, Caralyn Hamel, Billy Finnegan, Tevon Hyman, Cait Stolzenberg, Larry Daves, John Canales, Alyssa Legnetti, Feng(Joanna) Yue, Haven Alba, Briana Pattinson, Ashley Bolding, Matt Garcia, Lisa Guarrieri, Lizzie Burger, Lauren Segretta, Alexa Mulee and Katie Friedman.

 "I think we're doing something right… for the first time, this is the highest delegate turnout we've ever had," said President Jimmy Wells.

The previous year the maximum was ten in one evening.

The senate also passed two new clubs- UNICEF and East Side Underground.  UNICEF is a nonprofit organization mandated by the United Nations Assembly. Its purpose is to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

East Side Underground is the newest of Hofstra's many dance clubs. The fact that Hofstra seems to be a haven for dance clubs sparked a debate amongst the senators.

"To have another dance club I feel like I would have to go dance naked in time square," said one senator.

It was East Down Underground's purpose which eventually won the senate over. The club intends to focus on educating its members on dance rather than encouraging competition. East Down Underground hopes to nurture and inspire their members by welcoming teachers as well as students. For performances they plan to frequent nursing homes and schools in the area.

 "Yeah, we have so many dance crews, but how many of those dance clubs are going out into the community and give something back," said another senator.

However some senators were still skeptical.

 "I just don't know how many elderly people want to see them pop, lock and dropping it," said a member of the senate.

Despite the controversy, East Side Underground was passed, and now is officially recognized by the SGA as one of Hofstra University numerous clubs.

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