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Several Robberies Occur Close to Campus

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

Public Safety has issued two safety alerts in regard to robberies that have taken place off-campus in the last week.

A first alert was issued on September 4, stating that two students reported that two males robbed them. The students were walking on Front Street and Broadfield Road.

"I was walking back from McHebe's with a friend down Front street around 1:30 a.m. and I was sober," a student involved in the robbery that cannot be named due to an ongoing investigation said. The student explained that two males with black ski masks jumped out of a van and came up to the students with a knife. "[The knife] was the size of my forearm and he held it to my neck, and said give me everything you have," the student said.

On September 7, The Department of Public Safety issued another alert to University Students. This alert stated, "Over the past five days, Hofstra students have reported three early morning off-campus robberies. The students reported being robbed by several male suspects (2-5 individuals) armed with knives. Two robberies occurred south of campus near Front Street, and one robbery occurred several blocks west of campus (on Fairview Boulevard)."

"Three robberies have taken place in the past couple days," said Peter Libman, the Dean of Students. "All have happened off campus and in the same vicinity. The Nassau County Police Department and The Hempstead Police Department have been alerted, involved and are taking this very seriously. We have tried to increase awareness to students."

Student and resident of Broadfield Road, MaryKate Pedro, stated that Hofstra did not alert her to the robberies. "The police said that there were increased patrols on the streets around Broadfield that there were multiple robberies that weren't house robberies."

Students on campus do not feel at ease with the recent events. "It's scary, it feels like we aren't safe because its like a constant thing," Freshman Paulasia Coston said.

Freshman Keiko Thompson agrees with this, "I think we need even more Public Safety."


A map of recent off-campus robberies and attempted robberies. Although no students were injured in any of these incidents, Public Safety urges UNiversity students to always walk on well-lit streets, use major thoroughfares when possible, and try to walk in large groups. If alone, take public transportation or a taxi and call 911 immediately if in danger. Any students who wish to report suspicious activities should call the Department of Public Safety at 516-463-6606 (Darleen Denno/The Chronicle)

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