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Scene on Campus: Your school, your fashion

By Liana Satenstein, Staff Writer

Name: Travis

Year: Junior

Major: Creative Writing

"My worst mistake? Trying to fit in when I was in 7th grade. I transferred from a private school where I wore uniforms, to a pubic school. I did not know anything about clothes and got teased a lot," says Travis, now confident and unregretful about the discomfort of middle school antics, "I wanted to fit in, to have what they had. My mom took me to buy clothes like Nike uptowns, baggy jeans with the hats to match. But I don't regret it." Now, Travis has left behind his uniform of baggy jeans and only conforms to comfort and what he likes.

"I dress like this because I don't care. I've learned that if you buy something you like, you'll wear it all the time. I'm never uncomfortable." Behind Travis' seemingly meticulously put-together stylish outfits, the dress code of comfort is his biggest influence from his slim jeans, his coats, to his diverse sneaker collection.

When I ask Travis about his choice of jeans, he tells me that he doesn't like "them waving around." At first I am little confused by what exactly "waving" was, but he clarifies.
"I don't like my pants to be waving around." Travis tells me, "I also like the way the slim jean works with my shoes. I wear the tongue out, it works." Wearing his blue and red Nike's, Travis tells me more about his shoe collection.

"I'm kind of a sneaker fanatic. I like how they come in different shapes and colors. Plus, when I'm at a concert I don't want my toes to be smashed.  They are the comfort of my feet."

"So what's your favorite piece of clothing?" I ask.

"My favorite piece of clothing is my wool pea coat. I got it about three years ago. People are always asking if I'm warm. It's three layers so I'm always warm and comfortable."

I point to Travis' gauged ears, "But those couldn't have been too comfortable."

"I mean, I wanted to do it because people said I couldn't. They would say, ‘How can you get a job if you have these in your ears?' I want to prove them wrong."

Travis rocks his favorite peacoat and his brightly colored sneakers. (Liana Satenstein/The Chronicle)

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