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Public Safety Briefs

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

A Hofstra student reported to Public Safety that her ex-boyfriend was harassing her. On September 1, Ravindna Robin Ramood was outside her residence hall. Public Safety responded and Ramood was banned from campus.


A Hofstra Administrator reported that when she returned to her vehicle parked between the intramural fields and Estabrook Hall on September 1, there was damage to the drivers side bumper. The NCPD was notified and a police report was filed.


A female custodian reported that a male student was following, harassing her, and exhibiting lewd behavior in a residence hall on September 2. The student was issued an appearance summons.


Three males were observed smoking a marijuana cigarette on the North Campus by a PSO. The males were apprehended and identified as one student and two non students. Non-students Josef Timlichman and Samuel Rabacoff were banned from campus on September 3 and the student was given an appearance summons.


A beer funnel was discovered by an RA in the Newport House on September 4. The funnel was confiscated and the resident of the room was issued an appearance summons.


A PSO on patrol on Hempstead Turnpike was approached by two students on September 5 stating that they had gotten into an argument with another student inside Popeye's Restaurant. They stated that the other student punched them both in the face. The third student was interviewed by Public Safety and the Hempstead Police Department. After interviewing everyone involved, no report was taken.


A PSO assigned to the Oak Street security booth observed a female punching a male in front of the Netherlands Residence Hall on September 5. The PSO attempted to intervene, but the female attempted to assault the officer. More Public Safety responded and subdued the female who was then into the HIC and identified as a non-student. Alexandra Young was banned from campus and two Hofstra students were issued appearance summons for actions of guest.


On September 5 Public Safety responded to the 11th floor of Bill of Rights after a report of a suspicious male. A search was conducted and the male was found hiding in the women's bathroom on the floor. He was apprehended and given an appearance summons.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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