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Public Safety Briefs

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

Public Safety will no longer be releasing the names of banned non-students, as it is not public record unless they were arrested by the Nassau County Police Department or the Hempstead Police Department.

Key scratches and graffiti were found on the 8th floor elevator door in Constitution Hall on Sept. 30. A search was conducted for the person responsible, which was negative.

Eight vehicles were vandalized on campus between Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. The vehicles were parked in the Nassau Hall parking lot and the Swim Center roadway. Some of the cars were broken into and property was taken. The NCPD filed a report and an investigation is being conducted.

A student was observed taking another student's bike by public safety on the main campus on Oct. 1. The student then attempted to flee but was apprehended and given a summons by public safety.

A male and female were engaged in a verbal dispute that turned into a pushing and shoving match on Oct. 2 at Hofstra USA. Public safety responded, calmed the situation and issued both students an appearance summons.

A non student was observed smoking marijuana in the back of his vehicle by public safety on Oct. 2. He was taken to the HIC and banned from campus.

Two males were witnessed fighting in front of Nassau Suffolk Hall by Public Safety on Oct. 2. Public Safety broke up the fight and identified the combatants as a student and a non student. The student was given a summons and the non student was taken to the HIC and banned from campus.

Two non students were seen removing items from a dumpster near the Roosevelt quad on Oct. 2. Public Safety apprehended the two people who were then taken to the HIC and banned.

On Oct. 2, three students were walking south on Duncan Road. They were then assaulted by three males with baseball bats who demanded money. The students gave them money, a female's bag, cell phone and keys. The males then fled in a silver vehicle towards Front St.

A tow truck driver observed a car with a handicapped sticker parked in a handicapped space in the Berliner parking lot on Oct. 4. An investigation revealed that the permit was issued to the driver's father. The permit was confiscated and the student was given a summons.

A student was parking his vehicle in the parking lot near The Bill of Rights Residence Hall on Oct. 5 when an individual who identified himself as, ‘Joe' walked up to his car and grabbed a bag inside the car. The bag contained the students prescribed drug medication and fled the scene. The student went to the HIC and the NCPD was notified, a police officer responded and took a report on the incident.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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