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Public Safety Briefs

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

A student was found and given a summons by a PSO on April 14 after she was previously stopped for failing to register her vehicle and for having 17 unpaid parking tickets.

A window was smashed in Orange House on April 14. The window was observed by the PSO on duty, a search was conducted for the person responsible, but was not found.

A student said that on April 15 while he was at the Dizzy Lizard Saloon, he was assaulted for no apparent reason by a student he could only identify as "Lemmy." The student said he was hit four times. The Hempstead County Police Department responded to the HIC and filed a report of harassment.

On April 15, Student Event Managers were assigned to the Toga Party at Hofstra USA. One of the event managers noticed a student, who was previously removed from the event, enter through the stage door of Hofstra USA. The Student Event Managers apprehended the student again, but the student started to resist and throw punches at the Student Event Managers. He was then restrained and taken to the HIC where he was given a summons.

An RA reported that on April 16 the odor of marijuana was coming from a room in Estabrook Hall. Public Safety responded and found a marijuana grinder and the smell of marijuana was also present. The resident was given a summons.

Four individuals attempted to take the Dutch Festival sign on Hempstead Turnpike on April 16.  A PSO observed this and apprehended the four individuals who were taken to the HIC and found to be non-students. Andrew Javetski, Brian Chung, Daniel Leahy and Pm Mastrogiacomo were banned from campus.

While assigned to the Oak Street Security Gate on April 16, a PSO observed a student drive up and swipe his ID Card on the card swipe. The gate failed to open in a timely manner and because of that the student became irritated and began to verbally curse at the PSO. The student was given a summons.

Two eggs were found thrown against a dorm room door in Constitution Hall on April 18. The resident of the room said that it must have happened between 8 and 8:30 p.m.

A stand-up piano, valued at $600, was taken from the lounge in the Student Center sometime between April 4 and April 5. A staff member reported the piano stolen on April 19; an investigation is being conducted.

On April 19, a female student physically assaulted another female student in the Chronicle office. After initially punching the other student the first female then punched, kicked and threw an iced coffee on her. After this, the female followed the other female to her car and was banging on her window while she was in the car. This was reported to public safety on April 20.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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